Get Going with Swim Master

Its easy to start using Swim Master

Here are the steps to start using the Swim Master for WordPress plugin.

  1. Install and Activate the plugin.
    [important]If you are on a Network site and don’t see Swim Master in the list of Installed Plugins on you Dashboard you’ll need to contact your WordPress Network Administrator to get in installed.[/important]
  2. Set up your Swim Master Pages.
    Swim Master uses WordPress short codes to put the Swim Master content onto your WordPress pages. You will need to create the following pages using the appropriate Short Code on each. The short code goes in the main content section of the page. Its recommended that you use a page template with no sidebars for each of the Swim Master pages.
    [important]HINT: You can add your own content above or below the short code if you like.[/important]

    • Swim Master Administration
      Short Code:  [SwimMasterAdmin]
      This page has sections to manage Swimmers, Meets & Entries and Results for your club. You can control access to this page from the Dashboard settings in Tools > Swim Master
    • Swim Master Calendar
      Short Code: [SwimMasterCalendar]
      The Calendar will show the list of meets that have been set up in the administration Meets page and has a link for your swimmers to submit Online Entries to available meets. You can add a custom title for your calendar by using the calendar_title parameter after the Short Code. (eg: [SwimMasterCalendar calendar_title="Sample Club Calendar"])
    • Swim Master Results & Records
      Short Code: [SwimMasterResults]
      This is the page where all the Swim Master meet results and club records will appear. Swim Master automatically adds Swimmers, Meets, Results and Records as sub sections of this page.
  3. In your site Dashboard go to Tools > Swim Master
    In Swim Master Settings there are three sections to complete…

    • Swim Master Club Details – This information will be used in the Meet Entry files that Swim Master produces. The Club Code is also used to find the results for your swimmers in the results files returned to you by Meet recorders.
    • Swim Master Administration Users – These are the WordPress users that can see the Swim Master Administration pages. You’ll need to set at least one user.
    • Set Results Page URL – The Swim Master Widgets needs to know the url of the Results Page. Enter the editable section of the page permalink.

Now you have setup Swim Master and you’re ready to start adding data to Swim Master

Adding Data to Swim Master

Getting your existing swimming data into Swim Master

If you have already setup Swim Master the next step is to start adding data to the system. There are three basic groups of data in Swim Master and each has its own sub Menu heading on the Swim Master Administration page.


This is where your swimmer records go. You can enter Swimmer records in three ways.

  1. Upload a csv (commar separated value) file of all of your swimmers from the from Swim Master Administration > Swimmers. This is a that has the following headers and associated values(‘First Name’, ‘Last Name’, ‘DOB’, ‘Gender’, ‘Status’, ‘Member Number’) where DOB is the swimmer’s date of birth in the format dd MMM YYYY and Status is ‘Active’ if the Swimmer is a current member of the club, otherwise Staus can be left blank. This is an example of a csv file with 1 swimmer record:

    First Name,Last Name,Email Address,DOB,Gender,Status,Member Number
    Fred,Bloggs,01 Jan 1966,Male,Active,456666

  2. Add one Swimmer at a time using the form on Swim Master Administration > Swimmers.
  3. Uploading a Team Manager Results file will create a Swimmer record for each swimmer in the results that is not already in the system. See Results below…


If you want to let your swimmers submit Online Meet Entries you’ll need to setup a Meet so that it appears on the Calendar page. Just like Swimmer records Meets can be setup in three ways.

  1. Upload a Team Manager Meet Events zip file that contains a ev3 file on the Swim Master Administration > Meets page.
  2. Create a Meet and then add the events using the form on the Swim Master Administration > Meets page.
  3. A Meet record is also created when you upload a Team Manager Results file.


Guess what? There are three ways of getting results into the system too.

  1. Upload a Team Manager Meet Results file for a Meet you have already setup. To load these results find the Meet in Swim Master Administration > Meets and use the results upload form for that Meet.
  2. Upload a Team Manager Meet Results file for a Meet that has not previously been setup in the system. This is essentially the same as the first option but is useful for adding results from meets that occurred before you started to use Swim Master or meets that did take Online Entries. The form for this upload is in Swim Master Administration > Results
  3. Upload an single Individual or Relay swim. This can be used to add a result for a swim that was not included in the Team Manager Results file. The form for this is in Swim Master Administration > Results


Swim Master automatically works out the Club Records for swims in each Master’s age group. Swims that are also State, National or World Records can be changed by an Admin user from the Results page.